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facilities & properties of Armonia resort

  • The project is a real investment opportunity with a 100% guaranteed ROI.
  • The company will sponsor the reopening of the place to obtain
    the highest return on investment.
  • Rental services and guaranteed investment returns.
  • A stylish design inside and outside of villas and Hotel apartments.
  • Indoor and outdoor car parks.
  • Security, guarding, and surveillance cameras working 24/7.
  • A luxurious swimming pool.
  • A spa & GYM canter.
  • International 4 stars hotel management.
  • An integrated shopping canter in addition to café and restaurant.
  • The project includes 35 independent villas with a garden, a car park for 2 cars, and a swimming pool that is “optional upon request.”

  • A four-star hotel consisting of 138 independent units “studios” with the hotel management system integrated.

  • A public car garage with a capacity of 50 cars.

  • A floating restaurant and café, as well as a closed swimming pool, shop & market.

  • Recreational areas, gardens, and water parks.


Grigoleti, a small coastal city in western Georgia with a privileged location on the Black Sea coast, mediates the intersection of the E70 international coastal road that extends along the coasts of Georgia (between Anaklia, Poti, and the Russian border to the north and Batumi, Sarpi, and the Turkish border to the south) and the E60
international road that connects Tbilisi, the capital, southeast Georgia,
and Pearl, the Black Sea, is Batumi.

  • The city of Grigoleti is administratively affiliated with Lanchkhuti
    municipality, capital Guria region, West of Georgia.
Grigoleti beach and tree in Armonia resort Georgia
migratory birds in Armonia resort georgia
dolphins in black sea on Armonia resort beach

Magic of Nature

Harmony of the green nature with its permanent aroma in summer and winter, with the smell of iodine and salt in the Black Sea breeze, makes it flow into your conscience to form a visual and sensory harmony away from the noise and crowds of the city. The sounds of highway horns rarely reach your ears in that place, despite the fact that the resort is located directly on the international coastal road in the city of Grigoleti. Rather, your ears hear a harmonious orchestra between the rustling of oak leaves and walnut trees with the whistling of seagulls over the waves of the Black Sea.

Grigoleti beaches mediate between the mouths of the “Supsa” and “Rioni” rivers, which makes the sands of the Grigoleti beaches of a special nature and a unique environmental composition.

Trees & Greens

The vegetation in Grigoleti is a botanical extension of the Kolkheti National Park, one of the most important and largest protected areas in Georgia, which is home to dozens of rare trees and plants, such as oak, maple, and walnut trees.

Rare migratory birds

The reserve and its “lake Paliastomi” are also home to millions of migratory birds between late spring and early fall, where you can see black storks, European falcons, ibis, ducks, seagulls, white pichelon, migratory geese, and herons.


Grigoleti is the only region on the Black Sea coast in which waters you can see three types of dolphins, as they prefer to live near freshwater and near river mouths, such as bottlenose dolphins, white-bellied dolphins, and porpoises.


In Grigoleti, you will feel that you are in the home of your dreams, and it will be your ideal destination during the coming summer and your best investment throughout the year.
Armonia resort project is located in the city of Grigoleti, on the first row of the black sea shore. on a non-agricultural land, 43 km from Batumi only, and the
airport is 47 km away.

1 km - Lake Grigoleti

4 km - lake Paliastomi

4 km - Kolkheti park

9 km - black sea arena

10 km - paragraph resort

12 km - dendrological zoo park

16 km - Tsitsinatela amusement park

14 km - Poti

43 km - Batumi

47 km - Batumi Airport

68 km - Kutaisi airport

79 km - Kutaisi

Armonia resort in Grigoleti sightseeing and nature 6
Armonia resort in Grigoleti sightseeing and nature 10
shopping area and restaurant in Armonia resort

lifestyle & Amenities

Armonia Resort is Newest under construction beach resort located on Black sea shore directly sea front in Georgia which offer unique atmosphere in harmony of beach lifestyle & Eco-friendly green nature in Georgia.

Covered swimming pool

Spa & Wellness

Fitness GYM

Seaside Aquapark

Event Space

Entertainment Arena

In-water walk-side

Shops & Market

Café & Restaurant

Radio Rooftop bar

Why Armonia resort is your best choice

why to invest in Armonia Resort?

  • Georgia ranked among the 15 best countries for real estate investments in 2022.  “according to Bloomberg
  • An exclusive offer by 10% discount for a limited time on occasion of starting phase 1 developments 
  • Also current prices are 15% less than market prices in Grigoleti.
  • However villas prices starting from 180,000$ USD and up. while apartments from 1200$ to 1350$ / per m².
  • Due to the fast growing of market, Prices of real estates units in Georgia regularly inflates 6% : 7% annually.
  • We offer the best payment plans for our clients starting from 20% down payment.
  • and long instalment plan up to 24 months.

Eco Hotels preparing a separate Hotel management corporate system that will handle the properties for owner of both villas & apartments to guarantee maximum ROI% annually.

  • The annual rental price of hotel units in Grigoleti has risen by
    30% in 2022 to reach $95/ night for hotel room & 185$ for villas.
  • while the value of housing units increased in the same area in the last
    quarter of 2022, by 20%.
  • Georgia is subject to Freehold Law, which allow to all foreign citizens to own freely, and buy any kind of properties “expect agriculture lands”.
  • Regarding the Georgian residency law, the country guarantee a life time residency to all buys who own properties valued over 100,000$ USD. this residency includes the owner, and his 1st relatives family.
  1. Strategic location between Europe and Asia.
  2. There are no taxes on real estate purchases or investments.
  3. cost of living in much low comparing to other countries in east Europe.
  4. ranked in top 10 safest countries around the world.
  5. The real estate sales price in Georgia increased by 8%, which guarantees one of the largest returns on investment in the real estate market in Europe.
  6. Georgia provides an investment environment suitable for business needs

Project progress timeline

Architecture & Permits


June 2022

constructions Phase1


June 2023

Finishing & furnishing


June 2024

Infrastructure & Services


January 2023

Renovations & Facades


January 2024

Handover & Launching


January 2025

video library